Patrick Arndt (Chicago State University)


"Falsetti is a catching guru. The guy knows everything and he knows how to teach it to athletes of all ages."

Bryan Lensegrav (Taft HS)


"Mike and his teachings have done so much for me, not only bettering me as a player, but also as a person.  Whether it was a way of doing something that saved me from a possible severe injury to bettering my measurables, only good can come out of training with Mike."

Tyler Dean (Benet Academy HS)


"I've never felt more comfortable behind the dish since my first lesson with Mike.  Catchers Capital is the best catching program in the nation."

The Ildefonso Family


"Our 10 year old son Jeremy has had the pleasure of working with Mike Falsetti for the past year.

He has not only made Jeremy an overall great catcher, but also a more confident young man and player.

Mike teaches hard work, dedication and respect for the game.  He puts a lot of energy into the mental game of baseball and teaching Jeremy not to be frustrated or too hard on himself.

Besides being a great trainer he is also an amazing role model for my son.

One of his famous quotes is, “Progress not perfection”.

Words cannot express the feeling you get when an umpire compliments your son on how great of a catcher he is and asks how long he has been catching. I will never forget the look on his face when I let him know that this was his 1st year of catching!

Baseball is our life in so many ways!!!

We can’t say enough to thank Mike for all the work he has done and will continue to do with our son. We look forward to him teaching and training our son to be the best possible player that he can be!!"

The Silva Family


"We had the amazing opportunity to meet Mike Falsetti at Windy City Baseball. My daughter Rosalia Gonzalez received focused group training as well as private instruction.  Her skills as a catcher successfully developed throughout her baseball season.  I can't express enough how thankful we are for Mike's impact on my daughter's baseball journey.  After many tournaments this season she received compliments for her catcher skills.  Rosie is a quiet baseball player, but all action behind the plate, thanks to Mike for inspiring her."

Nathan Caropreso


"My catching IQ increased infinitely after working with Mike.  His instruction improved my skills immediately.  My catching has dramatically improved under Mike."

Josh Diamond


"Working with Mike has made me a much better and more fundamentaly sound catcher.  All areas of my catching have improved, specifically my receiving ability.  Mike has given me multiple drills to improve my quickness and necessary catching movements.  Mike is very good at communicating his message and explaing how to improve your game.  I would recommend him to any catcher who is serious about improving their abilities."

Gabe Mcgall


"Working with Falsetti during the off-season has been awesome.  He helped me speed up my footwork and cleaned up my transfers on throws to bases.  My framing also improved when Mike helped me understand the best way to receive a low pitch."

Mazzone Family


"We started working with Mike two years ago when my son, Vincenzo, was 11.  For a young 11 year old catcher, its so critical that they learn the correct way of all aspects of being a good catcher. They don't really have many bad habits at that age and learning from a great catcher like Mike will ensure your child learns the correct way.  Vincenzo has learned how to frame pitches that get called strikes because of Mike.  His hands are so smooth and is receiving way beyond his age!  His pop time has reduced dramatically because of the excellent footwork drills that Mike works on with him.  Vincenzo doesn't have the best arm at the moment as some kids develop earlier than others but he makes up for it with the quickest release I've ever seen at the 12u level.  Vincenzo gets compliments from the home plate umpires all the time as well as other teams coaches.  Vincenzo looks forward to one on one training with Mike every week, we will continue with Mike Falsetti for years to come."